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Help with mortgage payment and other household bills.

Frisco started this conversation
 I am disabled and do not make enough money to pay my monthly bills.I am about to loose my home that I built with my own two hands 27 years ago.I need help A.S.A.P. I will be homeless very soon if I can't get any help. I only make $1184.00 a month on Social Security Disability.My monthly bills come to almost $3000.00 a month. As you can see I need help!!!! fast. Thank you for any help you can give me.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sister1949
Type need help city state read each one very carefully till u see one help with rent u mite have to go on more than one pg. Good luck
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I am 6 no behind on my mobile home payment I am disable my husband passed in August my income is not the same I get ssI
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JLesPaul59   in reply to Nobody77
As far a issues regarding I am not the person to ask because I do not exactly how it works. I would suggest you find an attorney. I wish there was more I could offer you other than my support. You seem to be a fighter so keep at it. I know it is difficult but I will never claim to know how you feel. You can take this for what it's worth but when I need guidance I look to God. This is not a religious thing other than to say that is where I draw inspiration and faith. Jesus said to have faith and that is the way I choose to live my life. Remember, it is always darkest before you see the light. Hang in there. If I were to give you one piece of advice other than where to draw inspiration and faith, I would say do what you need to in order to get the $1,000 issue settled and then move on with your life and leave all that behind you. I know I must not be much help for you right now. Just know I support you and your effort. Stay strong.
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Nobody77   in reply to JLesPaul59
Thank you for such kind words No actually things have gotten WORSE!! I just give up! I will just tell u what has happened I feel I'm in a nightmare & can't wake up!! Maybe someone here can guide me?? Ok...this is a long old story & I will try to keep it short as I can!!
Back in 2005 my daughters boyfriends mother has a "stealing issue!! Along with a Xanax addiction!! She broke in my house as I got home I caught her coming out...of my house... Well at that time I didn't know her that good but I DID KNOW SHE HAD NO REASON TO BE IN MY HOME!! After I tried to stop & question her my daughter & her bf showed up! I ask him why did your mom go in my house? Is she some kind of criminal?? He sd "probably looking for Xanax b/c she loves them I hope your not on them" my mouth dropped open & without saying anything inwent to my bedroom & poof my Xanax was GONE! As was all my $$ & my checkbook & some other things...I called the police (like why? They never help! I'm sorry but I hate cops!!) anyways I filed a police report & phoned my Dr had him talk to the drop while he was there considering I had JUST MET MY NEW DR & got my pills filled!! 2 days B4! So u KNOW what's he's thinking!) anyways he refilled them & I locked them up when I left!! Her own son admitted to that cop she stole things well he's 1 to talk cuz when I finally went to his place his mom was VERY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY WERE STEALING POWER!! They had cut off the power there & he rigged the meter to have it back on free!! Let me tell u I had better visions for a man for my daughter than a pile of thieves & pill heads!! Afterwards I moved to where I currently am now!! My Daughter stayed!! Whatever!! In JULY OF THIS YEAR a warrant was issued for me for a "NSF check from back in 2005!!!! This check (I've yet to see it) and this took place in Rockingham County in a place called Wentworth,NC I don't care I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED N WHERE!!!!! I don't live there anymore it's HELL!! A hick town with nothing better to do that stupid crap like the people who live there!! So this check was made out to Wentworth Elementary School (I have NEVER HAD A KID THERE NEVER HEARD OF THE PLACE!!!) I was floored to find out a warrant was issued for me (I have NO CRIMINAL HISTORY) about a check that I didn't know about,didn't write... But I know who did!!!!! Of course his mom! She has grandkids in that school!! So I ignored it!! And no I didn't go to court!! Well as we all know that's a FTA (failure to appear) in March 2013 this check was 4 $51 (keep in mnd I haven't saw this check & I didn't write it) so that's where this story really starts but you needed some background to get up to speed!) cuz I didn't show up I was arrested & served 14 days in jail for something I didn't do!! To say I wanted to blow that 1trick pony tone off the map is putting it mildly!! When I saw the judge I explained what happened & he released me with "time served"!! Whatever that meant I'm not a FRECKN lawyer!! I didn't "bond out" & I didn't get a court appointed lawyer b/c I didn't do anything wrong!!!! Aside from showing up...I was in the cancer center & couldn't be 2 places at once) I just couldn't believe those morons would drive HOURS to come get me for that!!! How stupid!!!! So I was released & came home...thinking the nightmare was over...oh NO it's still going....seems there was a "bail forfeiture" for $1,000 now...I thought time served relaxed you from everything that was related to that....I got a letter from the civil division & it said to call them at my earliest convience so I did...that's where I found out that I had to pay $1,000 or give them my car!!!!! Well they aren't getting either!! I'm curious to know what help or advice you have?? There's no court date set or a "CIVAL suit" it was just a letter.... He said mid Nov I need to call him... Well I know what I would like to call him!! So now what??? It's bad enough I went to jail for a 6 yo check I didn't write & like that's NOT ENOUGH they want $1,000 or my car?!?!!! Any advice??? I'm all ears!!!!!!
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JLesPaul59   in reply to Nobody77
There is NEVER a reason to "end it all". Being that several months have passed since you wrote this I hope your situation has improved. I am disabled and unable to work. As difficult as it may be, always try to find something positive in your life to hang your hat on...even if you take it on a day to day basis. I send you many blessings.
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I am 8 months behind on my house payments and about to loose my home. My disability payments are $727.00 a month. My credit rating is shot. Where do I go for help ?
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Where do we go to get help??? All I hear is "we don't have any funds"!! Well who does?? Cuz I don't have any funds either!!
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That amazes me you get that much in disability!! I only get 700$!! I would feel rich if I got as much as you do!! I wish I knew how to get more $$!! At least enough just to pay the bills!! I would happy with that!!!
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Nobody77   in reply to Godsentnottojudge!
What's with the name? GOD IS THE JUDGE! There I said something good since you seem to have an attitude! I see your problem already!!
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I too am disabled! I am single & disability gives me a little of $700 a month to pay my bills! I cam behind on my house payment I can't afford my tags or to get my car inspected I'm not sure it will pass inspection to be honest I just got my cut off notice from the electric company & have no money to pay are we suppose to live on $700 a month & my house payment is 411$ u do the math I'm so sick of trying to pay these bills when I simply don't get enough a month & every month it's the same I have no vehicle!! Because the check engine light is on so it won't pass inspection which don't matter I guess because I can't afford to get it inspected or buy a tag!! It's about to fall apart!! I see why people give up & end it's just a never ending cycle with no help on sight......i don't know who to talk to for help I can't get anywhere to 'apply' for help...I'm at my wits end....I'm ready to give up!! I have no family that lives near by and they are wrapped up in their own issues! When I do make a friend they usually end up stealing my pain meds or anything they can't trust anyone Like I said its a never ending cycle with no rellief in sight unless death comes!! Just being honest!!
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Godsentnottojudge!   in reply to mzerothehero
Hey mzero, your certainly not her hero, why don't you live in the real world and at least say something good..
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please help my husband and i
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We are losing our home due to injury and disability. Can they our family of 3 2years?
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I am disabled and do not able to work because of brain attack .
my lags are unbalancing and head can't work. means. I can't think too much. my wife is working but that money goes on medicine and little food. this happened. because my partner
looted me. now I am on road.

can you help me to save my home pl. i am begging you.

if you help me God will give you more
Thanks and Regards
Valerian D Souza
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 in response to Frogina...   Is "God" going to pay your mortgage? It's time to live in the real world.
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positive thoughts
 in response to fred2626...   Hello, I don't know how your unemployment insurance works where you are but here in Canada if I were hypothically were to have surgery and off work for an extended period of time our employment insurance kicks in for sick pay. Does yours? If so I would look into that.

My best to you
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I am having a brain surgery that is going to take me away from work for aprox. eight months. My wife has a job but not enough to pay all of our bills. Any ideas how to get through this time?
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 in response to   My husband and I are also in that Large Boat. We have been trying to get into the Home Affordable program for over 2 years and are still in limbo land!!!!! I have contacted our state reps and even the white house!!!!! We are still waiting and that has been several months ago!!!! Do contact your state reps as that is what they are getting paid for!!!!! The Best thing for everyone to do is get down on your knees and ask GOD for help and for GOD to help those rendering the decisions!!!!! GOD sure has saved us many times and GOD is THE ANSWER!!!!! I Pray everyone gets the help they need as it is terrible to be going through this and fighting for our homes!!!! I compare my home to Elvis's Graceland as I know he had Great Love for his home!!! I call our home Heartland as We Love it with all our heart and are PROUD of our accomplishments with it!!!! Again I wish you all the bet and you will be in my prayers!!!! Thanks......Frogina
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Mort is Nirvana
 in response to   Wish I could help you all, cause it would help me too. I'm almost 50, disabled 12 years ago after an accident. I'm also a single dad of 2 daughters, which are increasing in cost as they age too, and being a father, I want to at least give them what they need. Which is more often not what they want though. I bought my home 20 years ago and with all the increases in insurance, taxes, utilities and just cost of living, I can no longer meet the monthly payments of 1200. Luckily, I only paid 40k for my home and did not over buy even though I was making good money and felt I was set in my career. Ive contacted everyone I could think of and there is no break for the disabled, not even with the city, state or fed gov. And of course my SSDI payment puts me $4 over the limit to get assistance like food stamps
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It seems we all have a similar tale.  I'm 66 years old.  3 years ago I was a successful dentist with a great income and a great home.  Now after a stroke, I am unable to practice and have gone through all resources.  My SS disability barely covers just the bills and doesn't come close to mortgage payment.

I see all the posts, but no advice.  Any help anywhere? 

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